What Businesses are Suitable for Old People in Village?

In our opinion, it can be tried by looking at business opportunities from natural products. Because the village is synonymous with abundant natural products.
This is based on our observations in the place where we live.

I come from Indonesia. There are so many natural products that we have. Overflow. There are coconut, coffee, corn, moringa leaves, cocoa and many more. If asked what business is suitable for old people in rural areas? The answer is to optimize all natural products into business opportunities.

Coconut: VCO, Corn: Corn chips, Moringa leaves: face mask, tea, etc.

It’s not easy. Because we have produced VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil). Quality? Very nice! Because many are interested and start buying. Subsequently, we started to get inconsistent and didn’t produce anymore. There is also a group in a village that makes corn chips. We think they are the tastiest corn chips we have ever eaten. Starting from the texture of the corn to the seasoning. They walked for a long time, but again they stopped. Somehow!

From the two examples above, when asked about customer satisfaction (quality products), we believe this is already very good.

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